Why would anyone buy a roof top tent? Is it because they have too much money?

The first article introduces the source of the roof tent.

Now, we want to talk about what a rooftop tent is and why someone might buy one.

We know, and we know you know, that regular camping tents are cheaper and better for anyone looking to spend quality time outdoors. However, rooftop tents can offer a lot more functionality than regular camping tents, so let's talk about that.

The setting of the roof tent is very simple. For example, the tent in our store can be opened and closed in only 15 seconds, while the average opening time of the tents on the market is only within 1 to 2 minutes. But it may take at least 10 minutes to set up or close an ordinary camp tent.

Rooftop tents, as the name suggests, are off the ground. Then when you rest late at night, you will successfully stay away from the wild animals and insects on the ground.

Each roof tent is equipped with a comfortable mattress, and when you drag your tired body inside, you will feel that it is all worth it.

And it comes with various accessories, one of which is a storage bag, which is good for keeping the inside of the tent tidy. You can even use the roof tent as a cargo carrier when closed, but keep in mind that you can only store a few smaller items there.


In reality, of course, everyone should use the system that works best for them.

When you can't sleep in the cab of your truck, sleep in a roof tent when you're on a long road trip.

For those old AF, still sleeping on the ground can be physically painful and makes camping less fun. Earn RTT to be able to go on a week+ adventure and sleep comfortably every night.

But is a roof tent right for everyone? of course not. But I don't need to argue or dismiss one system versus another. We all have to go out and see the world. What works for you will work for some people, but not others. Doesn't make either of us better than the other.

We should pay more attention to correcting those who are actively destroying the environment and closing places. Those who leave trash and broken glass at the campsite. The ones that go off track and leave a permanent mark that everyone else has to deal with. The ones who decide that everyone within a mile radius needs to listen to their trash.

Camping has been around since the mid-1970s. Perhaps we should be happy that there are devices that allow us to continue to do this, and also happy to see the ingenuity of young people designing such novel products, going out and enjoying it.

That’s all for our thoughts on roof tent camping, what do you think?

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