OpenRoad's RTT Steals the Show at SEMA

Recently, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, OpenRoad's Roof Top Tent (RTT) garnered significant attention and received widespread acclaim from attendees. This event served as a true testament to the quality of our RTT and our brand's unwavering commitment to the world of outdoor adventure.

OpenRoad RTT at SEMA

SEMA Show: Where Cars and Outdoor Adventures Converge

The SEMA Show stands as one of the world's largest gatherings for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, bringing together car manufacturers, modification experts, and car aficionados from across the globe. It offers exhibitors a unique platform to showcase innovative products and technologies.

This year, OpenRoad proudly displayed our RTT at the SEMA Show, a rooftop tent designed to provide outdoor adventurers with the utmost convenience and comfort. Our dedication to crafting durable, practical, and high-quality products for adventurers' needs was validated at this year's SEMA Show.OpenRoad RTT at SEMA

Highlights of the RTT

OpenRoad's RTT made waves at the SEMA Show, capturing the attention of industry experts and attendees. Not only were people impressed by its aesthetics, but they also commended its outstanding performance and features. Here are some of the highlights of the RTT:


Constructed from high-quality materials, the RTT can withstand even the most demanding outdoor conditions, ensuring long-term use.

Quick Setup:

The RTT's design allows for easy and rapid installation, enabling you to create a comfortable camping base in a matter of minutes.


Spacious interior and a comfortable mattress guarantee a home-away-from-home camping experience.


Packed with practical features such as ventilated windows, interior storage space, and integrated lighting, the RTT enhances your camping experience with added convenience and enjoyment.

Positive Feedback from Users

During the SEMA Show, we received positive feedback and enthusiastic responses from users. Many were impressed by the quality and design of the RTT, and several expressed how it added enjoyment to their outdoor adventures. We're immensely grateful for this feedback, as it motivates us to continually improve and provide superior products and services.

Looking to the Future of Adventure

The success of OpenRoad's RTT at the SEMA Show underscores our commitment to high-quality outdoor adventure gear. We'll persist in refining and innovating to meet the diverse needs of outdoor adventurers, offering them more opportunities for memorable experiences.

We extend our appreciation to everyone who participated in the SEMA Show, as well as to our users and partners who support OpenRoad. We eagerly anticipate the adventures of the future and will remain steadfast in providing you with top-notch equipment and services.

May your next adventure be filled with excitement and joy!


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