OPENROAD is looking to build a distribution network to gain a larger reach and to better serve our customers worldwide. It's highly profitable and promising to become an OPENROAD4WD dealer, retailers and distributors, don’t miss it out if you are genuinely interested in!

Job Responsibilities:
· Communicate with our marketing team about the detailed photo/video requirements

· Produce at least 20-30 photos each month

· Produce multiple 1-min videos each month

· Photos or videos should be taken in various scenes, including beaches, forests, gravel roads, mountain roads, cities, etc

· Photos or videos should professionally showcase OpenRoad winch’s key features: all-terrain, off-road, higher power, stronger etc
Job Requirements:
· Based in the US/ Canada/

· An online portfolio of photography work featuring outdoor work.Instagram or Facebook "portfolios" will NOT be considered, please send a professional link to your online work.

· Shoot with SLR and above equipment

· Fluent in Verbal and Written English

· Well-organized, with an attention to detail and strong follow-up skills

· Receptive and accommodating to constructive feedback from our photo/video editors

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