Pre-sale questions

Usually ships within 1 business day after placing the order.

Yes, there is a Veteran Discount available, please click on the link below to view the process for obtaining a military discount code.
If you have any questions, you can leave us a message.
Note that response times are generally within 24 hours.

Phone service is suspended, and mail is the fastest way to get a response.

Generally speaking, our winch models are not limited to models, you only need to confirm that your vehicle has a bumper with a winch mounting hole or a winch mounting bracket before purchasing a winch. Please refer to the manual for specific installation methods.

The speed ratio between them is different, the speed ratio of 2S is 265:1, and the speed ratio of 2SPLUS is 216:1.

Yes, all of them are included. For specific information, please refer to the packaging information table on the details page.

All of our winches of all sizes can change the reverse of the clutch, which means that all can realize the "chrono" function.
For the specific operation method, you can check the related videos of the YOUTUBE channel.

You only need to purchase in the normal process, and then enter the discount code at checkout to get the corresponding discount amount.

A 13,000 lb winch, it reels about 19 feet per minute at 0 load and 4.4 feet per minute at full load, it draws a maximum current of 250A at full load.

Drum brakes.

after sales question

Please check first if your own wiring is correct? Then provide the video of the winch not working and the picture of the winch wiring and send it to the customer service staff, they will help you solve it.

Please test the wired remote control first. If the wired remote control works but the wireless remote control does not work, the winch is fault-free. Then you need to open the control box to check whether the wiring of the receiver and the relay is loose? And take pictures for us, if not, please contact our customer service staff to replace the wireless remote control set for free.

Please note that if the package is seriously damaged, it must be transported by express violence. First, you need to take a photo, including the picture of the damaged package, the picture of the logistics side of the package, and the picture of other damaged items, and then contact the customer service staff to deal with it.

The size of the power cord is 20 sq.

The control box can be moved and does not have to be mounted on the winch, but it should be noted that the distance from the winch motor cannot be too far, because the power cable on the control box needs to be connected to the motor terminal.

Warranty & Returns & Refunds

The winch is covered by a three-year electrical warranty, a permanent mechanical warranty, other products can view our warranty and return and refund policy.

Please review our warranty and return and refund policy.

Installation problem

If you want to get the installation video, you can go to our official YouTube channel "OPENROAD" and search for "installation".