Autumn's Embrace with OPENROAD

🍂*Embrace the Crisp Air, Unleash the Adventure!*🏕️

As the leaves turn and the air crisps, it's time to dive into the magic of fall. At "Tents & Rigs: Autumn's Embrace with OpenRoad," we invite you to share your autumn outdoor escapades and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes while bonding with the OpenRoad community in the warmest of fall settings.


🕒Activity Time:

September 13th - October 15th


👉**Event Details**

**Fall Festivity Event (Social Media Contest for Prizes)**

**A. Event Description:**
- Post on IG showcasing images or videos of autumn outdoor adventures and camping.
- Mention @openroad4wd_official and include the hashtag #autumnwithopenroad.
- High-quality posts will be selected based on comments, likes, and shares.

**B. Prizes: A Total of Three Prizes**
**Prize Details:**
🏆1. Become an Openroad Brand Ambassador and receive a trailer hitch, a pair of soft shackles, and a brand car stickers. Brand Ambassadors will represent Openroad by sharing their outdoor adventure experiences on social media and helping promote our brand.
🏅2. Total Heat Rankings 2-3: Prize - A trailer hitch for each post ranked between 2nd and 3rd in total heat.
🏅3. Total Heat Rankings 4-6: Prize - A pair of soft shackles for each post ranked between 4th and 6th in total heat.
🏅4. Weekly Car Sticker Giveaway (2 car stickers per week): Prize - Openroad brand stickers awarded to the top 2 quality posts each week. Each account can participate once. Selection based on post content, likes, shares, and comments.

**C. Award Criteria:**
- Subscribe to our website.
- Sticker Rewards: weekly, sticker recipients will be announced on IG based on the quantity of participation stickers under the hashtag #autumnwithopenroad.
- Grand Prize: Deadline for submissions is October 15th at 24:00 PM. The top 6 active participants under the hashtag will have a chance to win exciting prizes.