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Basic Information:

Moab is located 233 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, UT. It is not far from the junction of Interstate 70, US Highway 191, and Utah Highway 128.


As a city in western Utah. Moab's economic development is not excellent. But it has an unparalleled natural landscape. And a natural off-road venue that can attract off-road enthusiasts all over the world. Five national parks are concentrated around Moab. The Lion's Back we introduced before is part of it.


Moab Overview

Moab benefits from the Colorado Plateau where it is located. This makes it the supreme position in the minds of off-road enthusiasts. This is the only desert plateau in the United States. It includes western of Colorado and New Mexico, most of Utah and Arizona, and southern Nevada. The Colorado River flows through it.


After millions of years of washing by the Colorado River. This area gradually formed a desolate landform dominated by rocks and rock formations. The huge canyons and steep ridges seem to tell people that this is not a friendly place. Fortunately, it also has a unique and magnificent landscape. The red-brown rock formations spread out in front of people like pictures. The canyons of different shapes can make people truly experience the charm of nature.


It is really difficult to develop the economy under such geomorphic conditions. Moab’s industrial and agricultural base is almost zero. However, with its unique and alluring beauty. Moab also has infinite appeal. Countless tourists and off-road enthusiasts have been here every year. Moab has long become their holy place.



A large area near Moab can be used as an off-road venue. The most attractive convenience is that these venues can meet the needs of different off-road enthusiasts. "Sightseeing routes" that can be easily traversed from a two-wheel-drive SUV. There are also challenging projects for professional off-road enthusiasts. Moab is like an off-road carnival. Even if you didn't drive here. There are dozens of SUVs or off-road vehicles available for rent.


Moab has many off-road venues and routes. We can't describe them one by one. In this article, we will select some of the difficult and easy routes to introduce to you. For reference only.


Chicken Comers 

The route travels the Colorado River Canyon just below Moab, follows a spectacular part of Kane Springs Canyon, climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass, and descends to benches above the Colorado River. The end of this off-road section is near Dead Horse Point State Park, 400 feet above the Colorado River.


Gemini Bridges Rd

It is a trail that runs between U.S. Highway 191 and SR 313. This road is not dangerous, and there are no strangely shaped big rocks. But the natural landscape on this road is very eye-catching. One of the most spectacular is a double arch bridge. It is called "Gemini." One side of this trail is the vertical ridge of Bull Canyon.

This section of the road is relatively easy. It is a typical sightseeing section of the road in Moab.


Poison Spider Mesa 

Poison Spider Mesa is an off-road section north of the Colorado River and west of the Moab Valley. The vast rocky landforms are majestic. The La Sal Mountains that lie in it make it more attractive. A Part of the off-road section is loose sandstone pavement. This kind of road condition is a big test for tire grip and torque output.


Moab Rim 

Off-road enthusiasts will face the ultimate challenge - Moab Rim. This route requires climbing along with the rock formations south of the Colorado River. Finally reached a ridge overlooking the small town of Moab. When you stand here, the magnificent landscape of the Spanish Valley and the La Sal Mountains can also be seen. This off-road section has relatively high requirements for vehicles and drivers. Because there is a section of undeveloped wilderness road. The scenery you see after completing the challenge will surely make people hooked.


At this point, this Moab Rim has been completed. The return route is relatively flat. Just need to drive on a long and steep dune when approaching the rock. The higher requirements on the vehicle’s braking system, four-wheel drive performance, and driver’s driving skills. It is difficult for a driver in a downhill state to see the road ahead because it is sandy. This can cause the vehicle to sink into the sand or not select the correct "landing" area. Resulting in an insufficient approach angle. The front bumper was damaged.


Many people believe that the highest state of off-road is to conquer more difficult and challenging routes. The rugged boulders of Moab don’t think so. Those brightly colored, smooth-surfaced rocks are not as scary as they look, in Moab. Not as precipitous as expected. The test is the psychological quality of the challengers and the cooperation and trust between the partners in Moab. It is different from those off-road that pursue extreme horror. Moab conveys to people is more of a reverence for the classical off-road spirit.

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