How to choose electric winch?


   If you own an SUV, you must hope it can overcome all kinds of difficulties. We like challenges, but sometimes we may fall into the mire and cannot move. At this time, some recycling equipment is needed, and among these recycling equipment, winch is the most effective.

  However, it is not so easy to buy a suitable winch, because we are not an automobile manufacturer and may not know much about cars. Next, I will guide you how to choose a winch.

  What factors should be considered in selecting winch?

1. Vehicle weight

Vehicle weight is also divided into several types, such as CW (curb weight), lvw (loaded vehicle weight), GVWR (rated vehicle weight). We need to refer to GVWR when selecting winches, because it allows us to deal with various situations, such as ramps, puddles, workbench steps, etc., which will lead to the need for greater tension.

  We can usually find GVWR on the nameplate of the car. We usually multiply this value by 1.5, which is the winch size we need.

2. Linear speed

  The faster the line speed of the winch, the faster it can help you get rid of trouble, at the cost of more power consumption and high price.

  But linear speed doesn't determine whether you can get out of trouble. I mean, if the winch is 13000lb, the cheap winch can't help you out, and the expensive winch can't do this, because they have the same power, so I suggest choosing the best price you can accept.

3. Load bearing at the front of the vehicle

  If the winch is too heavy, it will crush the front of your car for a long time. Before purchasing the winch, you must know the front weight of the vehicle. It is recommended not to exceed 35kg to avoid affecting the vehicle. It should be pointed out that synthetic rope can effectively help us lose weight.

4. Winch gear

  The gears of winch are divided into worm gear and planetary gear. Worm and gear are heavier, but more durable and more suitable for large-scale industry, while planetary gears are compact in size and more efficient in performance, suitable for cars.

5. Price

  Price is the primary factor for many people to choose winch. If the price is too expensive, they will consider whether to buy it. If the price is too cheap, they will worry about quality.The price of winch with the same pulling force ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

  In fact, the price of winch is not high. A used car is only a few thousand yuan, so hundreds of yuan is completely enough for the manufacturer's production and profits. If you want to buy luxury goods, you need to ensure that its quality is better than that of affordable products. If you want to buy a bargain, please ensure its money back guarantee and warranty

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