Rubicon Trail——Looks Like A Quiet Off-road Paradise

Basic Information

The Rubicon Trail is located in El Dorado County, California, USA. The Rubicon Trail has a total length of 35.4 kilometers (22 miles). According to different road conditions. The Rubicon Trail is divided into two parts: ordinary and off-road. The ordinary road is Wentworth Springs Road. The off-road is McKinney - Rubicon spring road.


Rubicon Trail Overview

As we mentioned earlier, some sections of the Rubicon Trail are ordinary roads. Therefore not difficult to enter the Rubicon Trail. Both Wentworth Springs and Lake Loon have entrances to the Rubicon Trail. In the past, the Rubicon Trail was also accessible around Gerle Creek. If you want to save some effort, it can be a relatively short distance from the lake Loon. In that case, the first challenge you will face is a granite valley.


You successfully passed the first easy test. Then the road winding along Ellis Creek will make you feel comfortable. The road here is relatively flat. The original ecological landscape here is beautiful. Because few people come here. Nature here is well protected. Those reasons for the enjoyment here.


Later, you and your off-road vehicle will encounter an obstacle called Walker Hill. Here the main challenge is to climb capability of the vehicle, on the ground clearance of the vehicle, four-wheel-drive system performance. This is a huge challenge for the driver of the vehicle.  


When you pass Walker Hill with great pains. You will soon encounter the next challenging and special section. This section has a nifty name: "Soup Bowl" The terrain here is dominated by strange rocks of different shapes. Not only the terrain is undulating, but also round or sharp rocks often appear. These are no small challenges for off-road performance such as vehicle tire grip and chassis height. Through here really have to like to walk as gingerly holding a soup bowl.


Do not think through here will be able to take a break. Known as the "Little Gate", the most difficult part of the Rubicon Trail, is waiting for people to challenge. The area where Little Gate is located is very close to Spider Lake. Because it is often necessary to open the gate to release water, it is also called the washing tank or "box" by the locals. If you want to bypass the Little Gate also have two paths to choose from. But whether it is one, is a big challenge for vehicles and drivers.  


So far, The Rubicon trail has passed halfway, but the road behind it is also not easy. The first obstacle after "Little Gate" is a hillside called "Million Dollars" This mountain is composed of complex and steep rocky roads, which is a test for the stability of the vehicle. But this obstacle point was also closed on July 15, 2012. It was replaced by a mountain trail of comparable difficulty. 


After passing here for about half a mile, the Rubicon Trail divides into two branches again. One of them is a granite stone path, which people call the Indian Trail. And the other one needs to pass through the old watergate. After a brief separation, the two roads merge into a path leading to Buck Island Lake. This road is still made of granite stone path-based.


Across this road is the Rubicon River Bridge and Rubicon Camp. This is a good place to enjoy the scenery and park to rest on the entire Rubicon Trail. There is a large lawn for people to camp. And a parking apron for helicopters to transport supplies. Not only that, off-road enthusiasts from all over the world will gather here every year. Barbecue parties or other entertainment programs are held here. The spacious space is large enough to accommodate hundreds of people camping. And up to 500 off-road vehicles parked at the same time.


After arriving at the camp, most of the itinerary of the Rubicon Trail has been completed. Through the camp and then go west Cadillac Hill. The terrain here is relatively flat. Not as steep as people think. But one of its major features is that the roads are exposed to countless tree roots. And the roads are very narrow, so you need to pass carefully. Passing here requires climbing a relatively steep slope. On the other side of the slope is a waterfall with rapid water flow. After a successful climb up the hillside. Generally, off-road enthusiasts will take a break before heading to Lake Tahoe. To complete the Rubicon Trail crossing.


The Rubicon Trail at the conventional sense has been completed. Since then, as more and more off-road enthusiasts arrived on the Rubicon Trail. More and more challenging routes have been developed. We will not introduce too much in this essay. In fact, the Rubicon Trail is not too steep. The Rubicon Trail did not seem as "off-road" but seemingly calm Rubicon Trail, but not easy to conquer.


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