Is the OpenRoad 270-Degree Vehicle Awning Really That Good?


I recently had the chance to try out the new OpenRoad quick-deploy, 270-degree Car Awning, and let me tell you, it's one of the best car awnings out there right now! However, as with any product, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Let's explore them in detail.

Ease of Setup:

Setting up the OpenRoad car awning is a breeze,even when setting up solo. With just two buckle clips and a simple maneuver of the arms, you can have it ready in as little as 15 seconds. This makes it perfect for quick lunch stops or coffee breaks during your outdoor adventures. Additionally, the unique 270-degree design ensures versatile protection in various outdoor settings.

270 degree car awning

Additional Features:

For longer stops, the awning offers some extra features that enhance its usability. Setting up for longer breaks takes only about 30 seconds with the addition of extra stability clips and poles to create more room . The design ensures ease of use for everyone.

Construction and Durability:

OpenRoad constructs the car awning's arms with sturdy 1-inch-square 16-gauge steel tubing, giving it incredible strength without taking up too much space. While it might weigh a bit more than aluminum ones, it's super tough and built to last. Plus, the steel construction allows for easier repairs, making it a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts.


The OpenRoad car awning's performance in windy conditions impressed me. Despite gusts of up to 35 mph, it remained stable and secure, offering peace of mind during unexpected weather. Its 92.75 square feet of coverage provided ample shelter, although it may be slightly less than some competitors.

Adjustable LED Lights:

OpenRoad 270-Degree Vehicle Awning LED lights feature a touch-adjustable button, allowing you to customize the color temperature to meet your lighting needs at different times.

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Noise Levels:

In windy conditions, there was some flapping noise, but it was within expected levels for an awning of this size. The cover fabric is sturdy and minimizes road noise effectively. Overall, the noise levels are relatively low, especially compared to traditional awnings.


Packing up the car awning is straightforward, although folding the Sunbrella canvas fabric may take a bit longer. Typically, it took me about 58 seconds to pack it up. Despite its weight, the ease of use and convenience make it a suitable option for outdoor adventures.

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Material Quality:

The OpenRoad car awning features Sunbrella fabric that is breathable and resistant to UV rays, water, mildew, and stains. This awning is built to last with its 4-year warranty against fading. Additionally, the fabric features velcro lining and snaps for future accessory attachments, adding to its flexibility.

Mounting Hardware:

OenRoad 270 vehicle awnings  are designed to complement a wide range of vehicles, offering compatibility with SUVs, trucks, camper vans, and select car models equipped with roof racks or mounting systems.


Overall, the OpenRoad 270-Degree Car Awning is a well-engineered product that offers durability, convenience, and performance. Although it might not have the lowest price tag, the OpenRoad car awning's top-notch construction and careful design make it a valuable investment for outdoor enthusiasts. To learn more about the OpenRoad 270 Awning, click there 270 degree truck awning .



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