OPENROAD 9,500lbs 12V black matte finish Winch Waterproof IP67-Panther Series 2S

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Panther Series Upgrade

Our team has upgraded the Panther Series 2 and Panther Series 2 plus winches. The new Panther Series 2s and Panther Series 2s plus have new design colors, and we have added two contrasting color personalized winches for everyone to buy, corresponding to everyone For the problems encountered in use, we have upgraded specific parts and prepared gifts for our fans, come and see what we have improved.

A new Mos is added inside the control box

For the remote control, we have upgraded the common winch on the market and the remote control module used in the Panther Series 2, adding a Mos that can make the signal transmission more stable.

integrated gear

We changed the 3-stage planetary gear to integrated planetary, which can reduce the gear jam and improve the stability of the winch operation.

Newly added hook rack

We've added a new winch hitch bracket to the package, so your winch won't wear out or break your car with the hook swinging around after it's installed.

Mounting screws changed to Dacromet

The installation screws are replaced by DACROMET screws.The super corrosion resistance allows you to not care about the rust of the screws during long-term use. slip.

Packaging uses thickened foam packaging

We've upgraded the product's box with denser and thicker foam, which is stronger and prevents the package from being damaged in transit.

Complimentary car stickers and hats

We have car stickers and hats for our fans and followers, join us and let openroad accompany you.

Specification & Package

Single Line Rated Pull  9500lbs(4310kg)
Motor  5.5hp/4.0kw,series Wound
Control  remote Switch
Gear Reduction Ratio 265:1
IP Rating 67
Synthetic Cable 0.35 inch (9mm) synthetic cable
Weight 621b (28kg)
Fair Lead / Hawse Synthetic (Aluminum hawse)
Dimension  20.8”x6.3”x8.6”(530x160x218mm)
Warranty 3 years
Mechanical Warranty Lifetime


1*OPENROAD Panther Series 2S Winch
2*Wireless Remotes
1*Wire Remote
1*Winch Hook