Openroad LED Light Bar 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Off Road Lights with Wiring Harness

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 what does it come with or is it just the led bar? how long does it last?

Included in the package is the Light Bar and Mounting Brackets (Brackets, Bolts, Rubber Pads for the Brackets, and Wire grommet). You will need to buy separately a wiring kit (switch, relay, fuse, and wire) to hook it up. Typically 50,000 hours of continuous light.

Is there supposed to be a high pitch buzz noise ?

Doesn't make any noise, check your connections. you might be getting AC ripple from a defective diode in your alternator.

When the vehicle is not operating, does this drain the battery since its connected to the battery?

No if switch is off it has no draw on battery.

Will this mount on a car roof or just meant for bumper?

It should mount almost anywhere if you have the tools, ability, and time to place it.

If you do roof, you may need a horizontal roof rack going over driver and passenger area and then bolt it to that.

If it's bolted to body, you'll need: large diameter SS washers(x4), interior lining out/rolled up and dril holes and put silicone on bolt/washers for leak prevention, possibly new bolts or cut the stock bolts to make them shorter so when place lining back they won't poke out.

Are the mounting brackets plastic or metal?

Metal. Nicely machined and good quality

Does it have an on/off switch?

if you buy the one that includes the wiring harness then yes there is an on/off.


Specification & Package

Power 128W
IP Grade IP67
Voltage DC 10-30V
Life Time 30000 Hours
Housing Material Diecast Aluminum
Color Temperature 6000K
Beam Spot Beam ,Flood Beam,Combo Beam
Body Color Black
Lens Material PC
Mounting Bracket Alu Firm Bracket
Raw lumen for one piece 10080 LM


1 x 20 inch light bar (model A)
1 x Switch with wire group
1 x Key chain