Luxury OPENROAD Heat Series1 13000lb Off Road 12 Volt DC Electric Winch Kit with a Synthetic Rope and Wired Remote Control Accessory

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Winch installation


Specification & Package

Single Line Rated Pull  13000lbs(5909kgs)
Motor  6.0hp/4.5kw,series Wound
Control  remote Switch
Extra Wireless Remote Switch  optional
Gear Train  3 Stage Planetary
Gear Reduction Ratio 216:1
Braking  automatic Load-holding Brake
Drum Size  diameter 2.5”(63.5mm)xlength9.6”(224mm)
Synthetic Rope  3/8”(9.5mm)x85”(26m)
Remote Control Switch  included
Battery  recommended 650cca
Line Speed   4.1ft(1.25min)
Current A 415
Net Weight  41kgs
Overall Dimension(length x width x height)  20.8”x6.3”x8.6”(530x160x218mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern  10”x4.5”(254x114.3mm)


13000LBS winch x1
Wired remote control x1
Wireless remote control x2
Motor lead x3
Aluminum cable fairlead x1
Double hook x1
Power cord x1
Bolt set x1
Control box x1
User Manual x1
Decal X1


Please read the instructions carefully and wire according to the instructions. Winches are electrical products that can cause short circuits and heat or smoke if wiring is wrong.


We suggest that you find a professional to install. If there are any problems on the installation, please feel free to consult at any time.


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will arrange to solve them for you.



Winch Overload Protector

Connection method: One side is connected to the red power cord of the control box and the other side is connected to the positive pole of the power supply.
The overload protector is just like its name, its function is to cut off the power directly when it detects that you have been overloaded, so as to avoid accidents.
After it is powered off, there is no need to worry that the winch will be released directly, because the winch itself has an automatic braking function.
The two functions work at the same time. and the winch can be safely stopped when the winch is overloaded.