• Moab—Unlimited Fanaticism

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    Moab—Unlimited Fanaticism
    Basic Information: Moab is located 233 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, UT. It is not far from the junction of Interstate 70, US Highway 191, and UT-128. As a city in western Utah. Moab's economic development is not excellent. But it has an unparalleled natural landscape. And a natural off-road venue that can attract off-road enthusiasts all over the world. Five national...
  • Terengganu—Challenges from the tropical rainforest

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    Terengganu—Challenges from the tropical rainforest
    Basic Information:  This off-road route is located in Terengganu, Malaysia. Since 1997, this route has become a rainforest off-road challenge race under the management of Luis J.A. Wee. The name of this race is the International Rainforest Challenge(RFC). RFC aims at a pure off-road race. Moreover, RFC has extremely high challenges for vehicles and drivers. Today, RFC is not as focused on commercialization...
  • Explorer on the Arctic ice—Yukon

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    Explorer on the Arctic ice—Yukon
    Basic Information: "Yukon" is the abbreviation for Yukon Territory in Northwest Canada. This area is located in the Arctic Circle. Because of its special geographical location and climate characteristics. It has a unique road form rare in the world. "Ice Road" Yukon Overview: First, let's explain to you what is an ice road. Such roads only exist in very few perennially frozen areas...
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