OPENROAD 13000lbs Electric 12V DC Winch Waterproof IP67 with Wireless Handheld Remotes Panther Series 2

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Specification & Package

Single Line Rated Pull 13000lbs(5909kgs)  12000lbs(5443kgs)
Motor  6.0hp/4.5kw,series Wound  6.0hp/4.5kw,series Wound
Control  remote Switch  remote Switch
Extra Wireless Remote Switch  optional  optional
Gear Train  3 Stage Planetary  3 Stage Planetary
Gear Reduction Ratio  265:1  265:1
Braking  automatic Load-holding Brake  automatic Load-holding Brake
Drum Size  diameter 2.5”(63.5mm)xlength9.6”(224mm)  diameter 2.5”(63.5mm)xlength9.6”(224mm)
Rope  3/8”(9.5mm)x85'(26m)  3/8”(9.5mm)x85'(26m)
Remote Control Switch  included  included
Battery  recommended 650cca  recommended 650cca
Line Speed   4.1ft(1.25min)  4.1ft(1.25min)
Current A  415  415
Net Weight  28kgs  28kgs
Overall Dimension(length x width x height)  20.8”x6.3”x8.6”(530x160x218mm)  20.8”x6.3”x8.6”(530x160x218mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern  10”x4.5”(254x114.3mm)  10”x4.5”(254x114.3mm)


13000LBS Package 12000LBS Package
13000LBS winch x1 12000LBS winch x1
Wired remote control x1 Wired remote control x1
Wireless remote control x2 Wireless remote control x2
Motor lead x3 Motor lead x3
Aluminum cable fairlead x1 Aluminum cable fairlead x1
Double hook x1 Double hook x1
Power cord x1 Power cord x1
Bolt set x1 Bolt set x1
Control box x1 Control box x1
User Manual x1 User Manual x1

Installation method

  • If there is a bumper, and the bumper has a winch mounting hole, just fix the winch directly on the bumper, a typical case is a Jeep Wrangler.

  • If you want to build the winch in the bumper, you need to buy a special mounting bracket, or customize the bracket yourself, fix the bracket on the beam, and fix the winch on the bracket. Typical cases are as follows: PRADO, PAJEROV33, V73, V93, etc.

  • For quick-plug installation, the front or parking space needs to have a trailer square port, a female port, and the quick-plug frame is inserted into the square port to fix the pin, which can be disassembled, and can be removed and put in the car when not in use.

  • If you want to make your own mounting plate, the following dimensions will help. A 6mm thick steel mounting plate is recommended. Fasteners shall be high-strength grade 5 or better steel. Improperly designed mounts may void the warranty.

  • The winch should be secured to the bracket using 3/8" UNC x 1-1/4" stainless steel. Supplied with bolts and spring washers.

  • Install the roller fairlead to guide the rope evenly on the drum.


Please read the instructions carefully and wire according to the instructions. Winches are electrical products that can cause short circuits and heat or smoke if wiring is wrong.

We suggest that you find a professional to install. If there are any problems on the installation, please feel free to consult at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will arrange to solve them for you.


Connection method: One side is connected to the red power cord of the control box and the other side is connected to the positive pole of the power supply.
The overload protector is just like its name, its function is to cut off the power directly when it detects that you have been overloaded, so as to avoid accidents.
After it is powered off, there is no need to worry that the winch will be released directly, because the winch itself has an automatic braking function.
The two functions work at the same time. and the winch can be safely stopped when the winch is overloaded.


What is the working distance of the winch wireless remote control?

This wireless remote can control distances up to 50 feet away.

What is your product warranty?

 All winches provide lifetime technical support and three-year limited warranty.

Is it waterproof? Can I fully submerge it?

No, it's not waterproof, to the extent that it needs to be run in a dry environment as much as possible, although we do not recommend that you completely immerse the product in water, which can easily cause problems with the life and even quality of the product.

How does the remote work? Can i leave it plugged into the winch and then just unplug the remote to use it wireless?

Both. It works with the wired during recovery or you can use it wireless your choice.

What is the length of the remote cable and range of wireless remote?

11.5' cord on on the corded remote and 50' on the wireless.

Does this winch lock under load- or hold the load when stop winching?

Yes,If you stop working while you're pulling, winch can still keep the load on

What size fuse required?

20 Amp recommended

Panther 2&Heat 2 VS Panther 2 Plus

  • Different speed ratios: The Gear Reduction Ratio of the Panther 2 Plus has been enhanced to allow the synthetic rope to enter and exit faster than the Panther 2

Panther 2 is 265:1 Panther 2 Plus is 216:1

  • Panther 2 Plus has reduced gearbox space compared to Panther to save more space in the front bumper

Heat 2 VS Panther 2

  • Heat 2 and Panther 2appeared at the same time
  • The Heat 2 has the same specs as the Panther 2, the same performance and absolutely strong.
  • Their differences are the color, the style of the control box, the clutch lever. Different surface treatments, Heat 2 is glossy, Panther 2 is black matte


OpenRoad Winch Systems are built to ward off the elements, providing reliable recovery every time to get you back home safely!